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lmao “I wish”

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The Debutante,detail,Edward Robert Hughes,1886.


The Debutante,detail,Edward Robert Hughes,1886.

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I almost wonder if Azealia Banks did it first since I saw her tweet in that mess somewhere.

yeah then when Gaga did the clamshell goddess of love look she accused her of stealing the idea lmao. unrelated but i just wanna say i don’t approve of Lady Gaga abusing Roman mythology but she’s Italian so she can claim it. me too though 



why isn’t anyone unhealthily obsessed with me 

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the fact that they’re all the same or the fact that some people found it necessary to edit out the “lure men to their death” part?

i’m wondering who thought it first. who’s the original mermaid. look at this shameless idea stealing lmao! look at all this “i’ll take something i saw on the internet and put it back on the internet and take credit for it for the positive attention i’ll get” -ness! that’s crazy

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someone tumblr search clam bra. i just need someone else to see it

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saddest-teen replied to your post“how are your house plants doing?”

I think I am realizing houseplants are always grossly stagnant. I am looking forward to when everything starts to blossom to make my walks home pleasant, but where I live its still a little too cold for spring flowers 
i’ll say if you want something with noticeably active growth african violets are always pushing up flower stalks. you could do passiflora since they’re so “alive” but i def wouldn’t recommend it, they’re not good houseplants, i was being too optimistic when i made that choice. even my aloe is having growth spurts, and i gave my sister’s bf an aloe pup and i was amazed at how fast it grew for him in a short amount of time (but he’s giving it a ton of light and watering it too much so that might be contributing factors)


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what have i found


what have i found

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